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Kitchen Cleaning Services

Stellas Cleaning Services offers Kitchen Cleaning Services in London

Kitchen Cleaning Services

Kitchens, as a food preparation area, are one of the most important places in a property to keep clean.

Theres the obvious build up of dirt, food waste and grease but also the invisible problem of germs and bacteria. Using our expertise and specialist cleaning products we can leave your kitchen clean, fresh, safe and hygenic.

We don't always need to clean the whole kitchen; we realize that some might prefer to clean their own kitchens, however sometimes the lack of specialist tools, training or chemicals makes it more time and cost effective to allow us to do the really tricky work for you - such as oven, hob, steamer, hot plate, grill, bain-marie and fryers.

As part of our kitchen cleaning we offer oven cleaning services. No matter how deeply ingrained the grease and carbon we can get your oven looking good as new. We use the latest, most efficient oven-cleaning equipment and our cleaners are fully insured and highly trained. We are careful to use the safest and most environmentally friendly products ensuring your oven remains perfectly safe to use immediately after the clean. You’ll be amazed at the sparkling finish of your oven.

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